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Drinking Water Delivery Malaysia

Our Products

19L bottled drinking water

Gallon Drinking Water

Our quality drinking water filled in 19L environmental-friendly, reusable gallon bottles will be delivered to your workplace and home upon your request to provide you the pure drinking water for your healthy body

19L Bottled Water Dispenser

Water Dispensers

Our choices of floor-standing and desktop water dispenser provides you with instant hot & cold drinking water at your finger tips whenever you need.

Bottom-load dispenser option is also available for ease of replacing the gallon bottles.


Water Purifiers & Filters

Water purifiers and water filters are becoming a integral part of our daily life to provide safe drinking water to workplace and family. This will generally a preferred option when connection to water piping is not an issue.

Bottled Drinking Water

Drinking water in plastic bottles is a popular option due to its convenience and ability to be brought along for personal consumption. We also supply bottled drinking water of various sizes on a wholesale basis to companies and traders.

OEM Custom Private Label

We supply bottled water in OEM private labeling for hotels, caterers, event organisers and companies. Imagine the huge branding impact enjoyed by your organisation when your customers bring bottles with your logo around.

Welcome to JuzWater – Your Preferred Drinking Water Supplier & Delivery Partner

JuzWater Enterprise Sdn Bhd is a Malaysia drinking water company established in Kuala Lumpur, specializes in supplying top-quality drinking water – by providing drinking water delivery & water purifiers to the workplaces and homes of city communities.

As a drinking water supplier & solution provider, we supply drinking water products including dispensers for both residential and commercial use. Our mission is to provide convenience and hassle-free access of drinking water to our clients with our drinking water delivery & water purifier services.

Our bottled drinking water is processed using advanced technology water purification systems of reverse osmosis.  The source of the drinking water is certified by the Ministry of Health Malaysia (Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia – KKM).

JuzWater team members are committed to continuously improve our services and product ranges to meet the requirements of our clients. It is our vision to promote healthy drinking habit amongst city communities.

Contact us today to find out more about our drinking water delivery & other products!